Signing e-mails and PDFs with Belgian EID on Linux

With the current Covid-19 lockdown, more and more transactions are getting handled remote. In Belgium we have the possibility to legally sign documents with a certificate stored on our eID (smartcard). However... when I started looking for information on how to do that on Linux, I could only find partial info. Mainly on how to use LibreOffice to sign a document, but not on how to use your Belgian eID there. Or information on how to sign a PDF with eID on Windows or Mac with Adobe reader, but not on Linux.

Beid-tool op 64-bit Ubuntu

Heeft iemand de (b)eid-tools -Belgische identiteitskaart software- eigenlijk al werkend gekregen op een 64 bit Ubuntu Feisty? Ik zie vooral veel mooie core dumps...

~# beid-tool -l
Readers known about:
Nr. Driver Name
0 pcsc ACS ACR38U 00 00
1 openct OpenCT reader (detached)
2 openct OpenCT reader (detached)
3 openct OpenCT reader (detached)
4 openct OpenCT reader (detached)
5 openct OpenCT reader (detached)

Reader is gedetecteerd en dan: