The dangers of "save session" in Gnome

On of the options I really like in Gnome, is the possibility to save your current session at logout (found under system > preferences > sessions : session options).

I've been using this option ever since I discovered it in Ubuntu. Very usefull if you have six desktops with lots of terminals and other windows open and want to resume everything after a restart. However, during the past weeks, I experience more an more problems with saved sessions which are totally broken. Today a broken shutdown button got saved into my session, I could click the shutdown icon in the menu or on the taskbar, but nothing happened. No idea how that can happen... Few days ago the session was saved without a running gnome-panel, so no task bars at all once you login. That's annoying and can certainly be a problem for less experienced users. It's probably not that easy to detect such a problem when the session is saved, so the user should be warned to use it carefully. :-)

If your session is saved in a broken state, erase it by removing $HOME/.gnome2/session and login again (make sure you're not logged in in Gnome and/or have save session disabled when you remove the file).

Ultrahex (not verified)

Thu, 28/08/2008 - 15:18

Hey man, you don't believe how hard it is to find the stupid fix for this. It is weird that even trying to save your state in failsafe mode does not clear this or there is no clear in the dialog while in failsafe mode for gnome. This is a for sure needed feature for user friendlyness cause you never know what the gnome session save is gonna do on accident.

Thanks a lot LUC,

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